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UKC Champion PN ROM ASDR Elite Grand Champion Rusty Rose Dashing Dragon SPOT CD BN RE FDC NA NAJ CA CGC TKN RATI HCVM  TD1 MHI SSB RS-N JS-N
Two Faces of Trouble X Pepper's Kali Rose



Spyro is our pride and joy and the foundation of our line! She comes from working farm lines and is an excellent example of what an all around dog should be. Her best sport is agility but she also does well at obedience and rally as well as being a great working farm dog. We have dabbled in Herding Instinct, Fast CAT, coursing ability, dock diving, and barnhunt.

She was the #10 UKC MAS in 2021,with multiple Best in Breed wins, was ranked #35 (all breeds) nationally in UKC Rally 1 for 2021, tied for #8 MAS in AKC Rally Novice for 2022, and was the #2 AKC Novice Obedience MAS in the country for 2023. She has qualified for prestigious events like the UKC Total Dog Invitational and the AKC Obedience Classic.


Spyro is registered as AKC FSS and comes from small farm-bred standard aussie lines (primarily ASCA) though due to paperwork issues her parents were technically brought into ASDR with no pedigree. The pedigree information I have for her is based on information shared by the original owners of her sire and dam and should be considered tentative. Based on the information I have, she does not go back to any of the foundation "mini" lines like Travis or Cordova.  Due to her FSS status, her offspring will also be FSS and not eligible to show AKC conformation. Her grand-offspring will transition to regular registry.



  • Height: 17.5 inches tall

  • Weight: 30 lbs

  • Triple registered AKC FSS Mini American/UKC Mini American/ASDR Mini Aussie

  • Drive Level: Very high drive, high energy, high food drive and high toy drive. Very motivated to train and learn. High herding drive.

  • Health Testing

    • MDR1: 1 variant

    • HSF4: 1 variant

    • Clear on all other panels, including CDDY/IVVD .

    • NAD testing pending

    • Red factored, merle (m/M269 harlequin merle)

    • OFA Patellas: OFA-Normal

    • CAER: Normal January 2023

    • Hips: OFA-Good

    • Elbows: OFA-Normal

    • CHIC #: 175576


Spyro's Titles to Date

  1. UKC: Conformation Champion (CH)

  2. UKC: Obedience Pre-Novice (PN)

  3. UKC: Rally Obedience Level 1 (URO1)

  4. UKC: Rally Obedience Level 2 (URO2)

  5. UKC: Rally Obedience Level 3 (URO3)

  6. UKC: Rally Obedience Master (ROM)

  7. UKC: Socialized Pet Obedience Test (SPOT)

  8. AKC: Obedience Beginner Novice (BN)

  9. AKC: Obedience Novice (CD)

  10. AKC: Novice Agility Jumpers (NAJ)

  11. AKC: Novice Agility Standard (NA)

  12. AKC: Rally Obedience Novice (RN)

  13. AKC: Rally Obedience Intermediate (RI)

  14. AKC: Rally Obedience Advanced (RA)

  15. AKC: Rally Obedience Excellent (RE)

  16. AKC: Farm Dog Certified (FDC)

  17. AKC: Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

  18. AKC: Trick Dog Novice (TKN)

  19. AKC: Coursing Ability Test (CA)

  20. ASDR: Conformation Elite Grand Champion (EGrCH)

  21. ASDR: Trick Dog Level 1 (TD1)

  22. ASDR: Herding Instinct (Medium)

  23. MAMASC: Performance Versatility Advanced (PVA)

  24. MAMASC: Performance Versatility Excellent (PVE)

  25. MAMASC: Performance Versatility Master (PVM)

  26. MAMASC: Performance Conformation Versatility Master (PCVM)

  27. MAMASC: Herding Conformation Versatility Master (HCVM)

  28. UKI: Agility Speedstakes Beginner (SSB)

  29. ASCA: Agility Regular Standard Novice (RS-N)

  30. ASCA: Agility Jumpers Standard Novice (JS-N)

  31. BHA: Barnhunt Instinct (RATI)

Miniature American Shepherd #182 Sun BOB Judge Pamela Moore_MMJ_5925_BeltonTxClassic2021-H
Miniature American Shepherd #109 Sat R2 Sun RM-_JP_4320e_UKCBelton2023_HR3.jpg
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