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Meet the Breeders!

My name is Jessica Fuller. My husband Travis and I run Rusty Rose Ranch along with the help of my parents. We raise Mini American Shepherds, show ranch versatility horses, and breed miniature dairy goats.

I have grown up as a farm girl who loves animals of all types, but especially dogs and horses. In my youth, I participated in FFA, showed goats, was a member of the Horse Judging team, was heavily involved in horse shows and rodeos, and also did rodeo queen pageants.


As a young adult, I majored in agricultural animal production at Tarleton University and though life events kept me from finishing my college education, I became dedicated to self-education. I'm a self-professed genetics nerd and I'm passionately dedicated to the science behind dog breeding.  I kept Akitas for many years as my dog of choice, and also owned many other breeds including shelties, cattle dogs, chihuahuas, pomeranians, Anatolian shepherds and Great Pyrenees. We have always had a multi-dog household!

I've been around many working farm dogs, assisted with foster and rescue of multiple breeds, and helped various friends and mentors with the training and breeding of dogs.

I've been involved in dog sports seriously for about 6 years now, primarily agility, rally, and obedience.

In the short time I've been involved in MAS, I have developed passionate feelings about this wonderful breed. I did extensive history research and even had the opportunity to talk to breed founder Sandy Travis about her vision for the breed. I feel especially strongly about how the AKC conformation world has changed this breed in a very short time and find that very concerning. I'm a proponent and fan of the books written by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor who was instrumental in the history of the Australian Shepherd and helped write the breed standard (which the MAS standard is heavily based upon).


My heart is in sport and working dogs and I don't feel the AKC conformation ring has the best interest of those dogs at heart. I'm an outspoken advocate for functional structure and conformation. I do not support the the type of dogs we often see being successful in the upper levels of the AKC show ring.

I'm a supporter of keeping the AKC MAS studbook open for longer to bring in more ASDR bloodlines so we can combat the limited genetics available in the current AKC studbook.

I believe all aussies and MAS should be tested for herding instinct prior to breeding so we do not lose those instincts. Though we focus more on sports, we believe herding ability is very important.

I'm an advocate for keeping tails on MAS, even if they herd! Tails give balance, aid in communication, and are an asset to both sport and working dogs. We herd primarily small stock and have had no issues with our tailed girl herding. As we do have a program with a heavy sport emphasis, we think tails are especially important. Many international competitions are not open to dogs who have been docked and we want our puppy buyers to have every possible option to compete overseas.

I'm available to mentor new people to the world of dog sports and dog genetics, so please feel free to reach out to me.

I'm currently serving as herding committee chairperson for the Miniature American Shepherd Club of the USA. I'm also a director on the board for the Mid America Miniature American Shepherd club. In addition, I admin several facebook groups including one for Working/Sport Bred MAS and Aussies and one for AKC/ASDR Dual Registered dogs. Please feel free to message me for more details.


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