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Product Recommendatons

The following links are products we like and recommend. These are affiliate links which means that if you click on this link to purchase, I get a very (very) small commission at no cost to you! This helps me fund our program and provide the best possible resources to our puppies and buyers.

This is our FAVORITE crate to use at trials! This isn't a good one for puppy training or at home use but is excellent for hauling to events.

This is our favorite food! It is an all life stages food appropriate for both puppies and adults. It is grain-inclusive and does not contain peas/lentils.

This is the type of kennel we use indoors. They are modular. Similar models can be found at Tractor Supply or Home Depot.

These "snoops" are an awesome way to slow-feed your dog. We feed all our meals out of these. They are super useful!

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