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Rusty Rose Ranch Facebook Group


MASCUSA Breed club


American Stock Dog Registry

"The Australian Shepherd is Not a Trotting Breed"

Is this breed right for you?

How much exercise do they really need?

The History of the Mini Aussie

Mid America Miniature American Shepherd Club

Crate-Training 101

HSF4/HC/Hereditary Cataracts: Please note that some of our dogs have 1 copy of HSF4. We do not breed 2 HSF4 dogs together. HSF4 is a linkage genet that is *related* to cataracts. Many HSF4 dogs never get cataracts and those with only 1 copy of the gene often get a type of cataract that don't actually affect their vision. We test all our dogs yearly to see if eye problems are developing.


MDR1: Please note that we recommend treating all aussies as MDR1 positive regardless of testing status.  Reactions have been observed in MDR1 negative dogs.


List of drugs to avoid in aussies/MAS due to MDR1


Facebook Genetics group for aussies


Facebook Whitehead group


Facebook Merle Genetics Group


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